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 Trading rules

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Trading rules Empty
PostSubject: Trading rules   Trading rules Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 2:20 pm

Most importantly, ONLY LINEAGE2 ZODIAC private server ITEMS can be trade here.

Other points to take note with regards to:

1. Bumping threads. Constant and unneccesary bumping of threads is unacceptable. If a thread is still on the first page of the forum, it needs not be bumped. Any threads being bumped unneccesarily may be locked at the discresion of the moderators.

2. Stay on topic. If you do not have a question about the product for sale or are bidding in an auction, do not post in the thread. If you have a similar item for sale, post your own topic and keep it out of someone else's post. Do not flame/bash/complain in sales threads about prices or whatnot. Any posts doing any of this will be deleted at the discresion of the moderators.

3. Trading is done at your own risk. Please be careful when trading. If you get scammed or cheated it is your loss. Forum moderators or game officials will take no responsibility for anything you lose and it will not be replaced.

4. Trading of accounts or items from other games is not allowed. Not to be done here.

5. Transactions including real life money is not allowed.

6. Multiple forum account use. Anyone caught using multiple forum accounts to bid on their own auctions will have their threads locked and the names posting from the same IP address posted for others to see. If someone suspects a user of using multiple accounts in an auction, PM any of the FMs.

The following codes should be used on your posts to let others know what your intents are:

B> The person posting is buying the item.
S> The person posting is selling the item.
T> The person posting is offering a trade of items.
A> The person posting is auctioning the item.
PC> The person posting is asking how much others would offer for the item.

Thanks for spending time reading. =)

L2zodiac TEAM

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Trading rules
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