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 Nazgul Clan

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PostSubject: Nazgul Clan   Nazgul Clan Icon_minitimeSat Sep 20, 2008 3:55 am

Hello, and welcome, as many of you know, i am not simply the Administrator, i am here, (or i try to be) mostly to play the game.

As such, have founded my own clan, the Nazgul clan! My character Zanon is the Leader, and we are looking for new members to join.

PIECE OF ADVICE: I play legitly, what does that means? It means that if you're trying to join to get anything free you might as well forget that idea, everything we have we get it in the game, and from game with our own eforth, and if you ever become worthy to join the Nazgul, the only way you're getting items, is if you really need them, and most importantly, if we have some to spare, either way, you are here to fight, and not to leech, you are suposed to be something positive, not something negative, so you either are worthy, or you're not, anyone who gets caught slacking or begging, is automaticaly kicked from the Clan, any questions, you may ask me, Vicious, or Sol, these are the proper people who are allowed to Recruit.

We already have 8 Players here goes the current list:

Level | Name | Class

28 - Influo - Cleric
52 - moonyaco - Elemental Summoner
70 - Polex - Phantom Ranger
71 - Sephiroth - Berserker
65 - Serra - Elven Elder
62 - Sol - Paladin
62 - Vicious - Duelist
75 - Zanon - Dark Avenger
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Nazgul Clan
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