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 Bring a Friend Event

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PostSubject: Bring a Friend Event   Bring a Friend Event Icon_minitimeMon Sep 08, 2008 4:15 am

And here's one more for you lovely people out there Bring a Friend Event Delf2_21

Quite simple this one, we're encouraging every last one of you to bring as many people as you can to the server.
So, for each player you bring and if he successfully reaches level 40, you get a prize.
The more people you bring, the better the prize.
Be sure to PM either me or Voodoo to claim your prize and introduce your friends, i for one, need fresh blood each full moon Twisted Evil

Like a Star @ heaven Prizes Like a Star @ heaven

1 Friend = 10.000.000a
2 Friends = 20.000.000a
5 Friends = 50.000.000a + 10 Enchants in Armor of choice
+15 Friends = S Armor

Lets make this server the bigger the better.
We are all counting on you.

Regards from the GM Team

Bring a Friend Event Lust_sama_siggy_by_zettaiyume
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Bring a Friend Event
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