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 Server's System Folder

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PostSubject: Server's System Folder   Server's System Folder Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2008 3:25 pm

Server's System Folder Delf2_16 Hoorah!

Just in case the link in the news section doesn't work, try this one:
Lineage ][ Zodiac System Folder

It is advised before doing anything further, that you run the Lineage II.exe in your main Lineage II folder, and use the "Check Files" option to its totality, to see if your missing any files!

And in order to play, it is as easy as 1-2-3 Server's System Folder Delf2_21

1 - Decompress the L2 Zodiac System.rar into your Lineage 2 Folder (e.g. c:/Program Files/Lineage II/ or c:/Programas/Lineage II/)
2 - When the window pops up asking if you wish to replace your files, say "Yes to All" or simply delete or change the name of your original "system" folder
3 - Run the game with the L2.exe in the new system folder, and have fun.
Server's System Folder Delf2_15

Server's System Folder Lust_sama_siggy_by_zettaiyume
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Server's System Folder
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