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 Official Restoration Policy

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PostSubject: Official Restoration Policy   Official Restoration Policy Icon_minitimeSat Jul 19, 2008 2:10 pm

Here are the rules and regulations on our restoration policy. What should be done when your account got hacked, item missing and etc...

On what circumstances your account and items are not restore?

Case reported after 7 days on incident.

Your item (s) fell on the floor and was pick-up by other players.

Due to your own carelessness/ negligence such as sold your rare items to the NPC.

Players got scammed due to trading with another player because the deal was not met.

Item lost due to failed rare upgrading.

Latency problems such as disconnection.

Game features that are supported in-game. E.g. Reset Ability.

Players who share accounts or have multiple users.

Items bought from another players which are hacked item.

Players who hacked the game in any ways.

On what circumstances the account and items are being restored?

Server rolled back.

The item or quest is bugged.

The server or game crashes.

Account being hacked and its being proven by the Game Master / Admin.

Case reported within 7 days.

No sharing of account single user.

What should you do when you found out that your account was hacked or bugged?

1. Upon discovering, stop playing immediately. Verify your account and confirm the actual loss of items or characters.

2. Lodge a report to helpdesk located at our official email Please be informed that any case that lapse 7 days from incident will not be restored. Players who shared account will not be entertained as well.

3. If you can? File your case to helpdesk due to password being changed by hackers, please lodge your report to

4. Please allow 7 working days for restoration and investigation purposes. The account will be temporary freeze and no compensation will be refunded.

5. The report lodge should contain the following information:


Login ID

Characters Involved

Contact No.

Identification No.


Home user / Cyber cafe | user

Last login date and time (before incident)

Recent logout location (before incident)

Brief explanation when you discover it or how it happen
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Official Restoration Policy
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